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Вид с вала Семеновской крепости

View from shaft Semen fortress on the Gulf of Taganrog and Mius estuary in the Western direction.

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Павловская крепость в 3D

Paul fortress and the settlement of Gaevka Neklinovskiy district of Rostov region - 3D layout, viewed through red-cyan glasses. View from the side of Mius Estuary.

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В рамках экспедиции на Сухо-Чалтырьское городище выявлено, что продолжается  повреждение культурных слоев и нарушение исторически сформированного внешнего облика городища.
04.10.2014. Within the expedition on Dry Chaltyr settlement revealed that continues to damage cultural layers and the violation of the historically formed the external appearance of the settlement.
28.09.2014. В рамках экспедиции на  Нижне-Гниловское городище проводено обследование территории и состояния установленного в 2013 г. информационного щита по урагана 17.09.2014 г.  Выявлено частичное разрушение щита.  Культурные слои городища не пострадали.
28.09.2014. As part of the expedition on the lower-Gnilovskaya the settlement was performed survey of public and state established in 2013, information shield hurricane 17.09.2014, Revealed partial destruction of the shield. Cultural layers of the city are not affected.
02.09.2014 г. Начался этап 2 этап экспедиций  "Крепости Востока Ростовской области" - "Правобережное Цимлянское городище"
02.09.2014, Began phase 2 phase expeditions "Fortress East of Rostov region" - "right-Bank Tsimlyansk the settlement, under which the participation of the researcher S. S. Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.S. Flerov hosted events to include regional Museum of local lore, the administration of the Tsimlyansk area and on the territory of the settlement.
Реконструкция укреплений казачьего городка. Комплекс "Затерянный мир" х. Пухляковский, Ростовская область.
22.08.2014, the Event "the Fortress of the Lower don and Azov" for the participants of the camp "Military town" was held on campus "Lost world"where specialists-archaeologists have recreated by means of the reconstruction of the main periods of development of human civilization, homes, household items, technology, fortifications.
Цифровой 3D-макет (создан на основе плана) Семикаракорской крепости.
Digital 3D model was created on the basis of the plan) Semikarakorsk fortress. The view from the North.

29 июля 2014 г. прошел 1 этап экспедиций на Семикаракорскую крепость, одной из крупных крепостей (примерно 200 на 200 м) на территории Ростовской области,  построенной в хазарский период.
In the framework of the stage, held with the participation of the representative of the Radio DonTR", on the territory of the fortress and  district Museum of local lore were recorded scenes for "Navigator".

27.07.2014. 2-й этап экспедиции  на Елизаветовское городище.
27.07.2014. The 2nd stage of the expedition on Elizavetovskoe settlement.
границы территории объекта культурного (археологического) наследия федерального значения «Елизаветовское городище VI — II вв. до н. э.»
The boundaries of the territory of the object of cultural (archaeological) heritage of Federal significance "Elizavetovskoe settlement VI - II centuries B.C."

Правобережное Цимлянское городищеСаркелСемикаракорская крепостьАнненская крепостьКобяковское городищеКизетериновское городищекрепость Дмитрия РостовскогоРостовское городищеТемерницкое городищеНижне-Гниловское городищеЛивенцовская крепостьСухо-Чалтырское городищеЛютикЕлизаветовскоеАзовТанаисТроицкая крепостьПавловская крепостьСеменовская крепость Карта расположения объектов программы «Крепости Нижнего Дона и Приазовья» - историко-образовательные путешествия по памятникам оборонительного зодчества»
Interactive map showing the locations of objects
(hover the cursor over red circles).

Socially significant program "Fortress of the Lower don and Azov" - historical and educational tour the monuments of defensive architecture"

планы крепостей, вид на местонахождение затопленной крепости Саркел фото крепости, вид на Миусский лиман с валов Семеновуской крепости

Select the object by name

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The exhibition
"The fortress of the Lower don and Azov" -
historical and educational tour the monuments of defensive architecture"

About the project

The exhibition is realized in the framework of socially significant programs aimed at creating new routes historical-educational travel for monuments of defensive architecture of the Rostov region.
The program expeditions the Monuments with the support of the Government of the Rostov region were studied 19 the most interesting for a wide range of experts, historians and tourists fortresses and settlements of the Rostov region. The sites are located in areas with diverse landscapes, from the Western to the Eastern borders of the region and cover all main types of defensive structures and historical periods from the stone age to the period of the great Patriotic war.
The highest concentration of objects observed in Rostov-on-don and the surrounding rural areas, where almost all ages, there were signs of human activity and its most notable material incarnations - defensive structures.
The fortress and the city - it is a complex of buildings providing protection of their inhabitants from attack from the outside. The term "settlement" means a fortified settlement, where might is as warriors, so ordinary people. The term "strength" is a narrower concept and does not imply the presence of a permanent civilian population. usually used in the following meanings:
The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to our wonderful past and to encourage an active part in its promotion, the involvement of the most important objects of our history in the cultural, educational and excursion turnover.
These pictures were taken by participants of the project on the territory of the Rostov region in 2014 while visiting historic objects and passes them activities related events took place in the past. The photo presents the periods in the history of the Rostov region from the stone and bronze age, antiquity to our days, including objects associated with the period of the great Patriotic war.
The choice of shot and the framing was done to minimize the presence of objects that interfere with the landscapes in their historically formed. In order to more clearly visualize hidden by vegetation objects contours of fortification used computer 3D modeling. For a number of objects such models were performed for the first time. The use of such techniques can facilitate subsequent development projects in museums and historical reconstruction, augmented reality and mapping (projection of moving images on the surfaces of real objects).

Une exposition «La forteresse du Don Inférieur et d'Azov» - historique et voyages éducatifs sur les monuments de l'architecture défensive»

Sur le projet

Une exposition de photos est réalisé dans le cadre socialement significative d'un programme visant la création de nouveaux itinéraires historiques et éducatifs de voyage sur les monuments de l'architecture défensive de l'oblast de Rostov.

Dans le cadre du programme d'expéditions avec le soutien du Gouvernement de l'oblast de Rostov ont été étudiés 19 les plus intéressantes pour de larges cercles de spécialistes, des historiens et des touristes, les forteresses et les villes de l'oblast de Rostov. Les objets situés sur les territoires, avec la diversité de ses paysages, de l'ouest jusqu'à la frontière orientale de la région et couvrent tous les principaux types de structures défensives et historiques de l'époque de l'âge de pierre jusqu'à la période de la Grande guerre Patriotique.

La plus grande concentration d'objets peut se produire dans la ville de Rostov-sur-le-Don et à côté les zones rurales, où presque toutes les époques il y avait des signes de l'activité humaine et de ses plus notables matérielles de l'incarnation - de fortification.

Les forteresses et fortifications - ce sont des complexes de structures обеспечивавших protéger leurs habitants contre les attaques extérieures. Le terme «ville» désigne la cité fortifiée, où puissent se trouve comme des guerriers, ainsi que les habitants. Le terme de «forteresse» est plus restreinte et n'implique pas la présence permanente des populations civiles. habituellement utilisé dans les valeurs suivantes:

Le but de l'exposition - attirer l'attention de notre merveilleux passé et pour l'inciter à prendre activement part à sa promotion, l'implication des principaux objets de notre histoire culturelle, pédagogique et touristique de chiffre d'affaires.

Les photographies ont été faites par les participants du projet sur le territoire de l'oblast de Rostov, en 2014, lors de la visite de sites historiques et tenues à eux, les activités liées événements survenus dans le passé. Sur la photo, sont fournies pour les périodes de l'histoire de l'oblast de Rostov, de la pierre et de l'âge du bronze, de l'antiquité jusqu'à nos jours, y compris les objets liés à la période de la Grande guerre Patriotique.

Le choix des points de prise de vue et composition de la trame se faisait de manière à minimiser la présence d'installations modernes et empêchant la perception du paysage complexes dans leur historiquement marqué par la forme. Pour plus de visibilité de la visualisation cachés dans la végétation les contours des objets de la fortification est utilisé informatique de modélisation 3D. Pour un certain nombre d'objets, tels modèles ont été effectuées pour la première fois. L'utilisation de ces techniques peut faciliter le suivi de l'élaboration des projets музеефикации et de reconstitutions historiques, de la réalité augmentée et videomapping (projection d'images animées sur des surfaces d'objets réels).

Exposición fotográfica "La fortaleza del Don Inferior y Priazovya" - histórico-educativo de viaje por los monumentos de la defensa de la arquitectura"

Sobre el proyecto

Exposición fotográfica se realiza en el marco de público importante de un programa destinado a la creación de nuevas rutas histórico-educativo de los viajes de los monumentos de la arquitectura defensiva de la región de Rostov.
En el marco del programa de expediciones con el apoyo del Gobierno de la región de Rostov se han estudiado 19 de los más interesantes para la comunidad de profesionales, краеведов y turistas de fortalezas y ciudades de la región de Rostov. Los objetos se encuentran en territorios de variados paisajes, de la occidental a la oriental de las fronteras de la región y abarca todos los principales tipos de fortificaciones históricas de la época de la edad de piedra hasta el período de la Gran guerra Patria.
La mayor concentración de los objetos se observa en Rostov-en-Don y los alrededores de las zonas rurales, donde prácticamente en todas las épocas han existido indicios de la actividad humana y sus más notables físicos de la encarnación - construcciones defensivas.
De la fortaleza y de la ciudad - se trata de complejos de construcciones garantizarían la protección de sus habitantes de los ataques externos. El término "ciudad" - significa un asentamiento fortificado, donde podían está como guerreros, como población general. El término "fortaleza" es más pequeña y no implica la presencia permanente de la población civil. normalmente se usa en los siguientes valores:
El objetivo de la feria es de llamar la atención a nuestro gran pasado y fomentar la activa participación en su promoción, la inclusión de los objetivos importantes de nuestra historia cultural, educativo y turístico de la vuelta.
Las fotografías fueron tomadas por los participantes del proyecto en el territorio de la región de Rostov, en 2014, en el momento de la visita de los objetos históricos y mantenidos en las actividades relacionadas con los acontecimientos ocurridos en el pasado. En la foto se indican los períodos de la historia de la región de Rostov de la edad de la piedra y de la edad del bronce, de la antigüedad hasta nuestros días, incluyendo los objetos relacionados con el período de la Gran guerra Patria.
Selección de puntos para la fotografía y el diseño de la trama se hacía con el fin de minimizar la presencia de objetos modernos, que impiden la percepción de complejos de paisajes en sus históricamente formada. Para más visual, visualización ocultos en la vegetación de los bordes de los objetos se utiliza la fortificación de la informática modelado en 3D. Para una serie de objetos, estos modelos se han aplicado por primera vez. El uso de estas técnicas puede facilitar la posterior elaboración de proyectos de музеефикации y reconstrucciones históricas, la realidad aumentada y "videomapping" (proyección de imágenes en movimiento en las superficies de los objetos reales).

Foto-Ausstellung «Der Festung Unteren don und des Asowschen» - historisch-lehrreiche Reise durch den Denkmälern der defensive der Architektur»

Über das Projekt

Foto-Ausstellung erfolgt im Rahmen der gesellschaftlich relevanten Programme, die auf die Schaffung von neuen Routen historisch-pädagogische Reise durch den Denkmälern der defensive Architektur der Region Rostow.
Im Rahmen des Programms Expeditionen mit der Unterstützung der Regierung des Rostower Gebiets untersucht wurden 19 interessantesten für weite Kreise der Fachleute, Heimatforscher und Touristen Festungen und Siedlungen der Region Rostow. Die Objekte befinden sich in den Gebieten mit vielfältigen Landschaften, von West-nach den östlichen Grenzen der Region und decken alle gängigen Arten von Festungen und historischen Epochen von der Steinzeit bis in die Zeit des großen Vaterländischen Krieges.
Die größte Konzentration von Objekten gesehen in Rostow-am-don und den umliegenden ländlichen Gebieten, wo fast alle Epochen gab es Anzeichen für menschliche Aktivität und Ihre wichtigsten materiellen Inkarnationen - Verteidigungsanlagen.
Burgen und Siedlungen ist eine komplexe Strukturen sorgt Schutz Ihrer Bewohner vor Angriffen von außen. Der Begriff «Stadt» bedeutet, eine befestigte Siedlung, wo Sie konnten sich als Krieger, so gewöhnlichen Bewohner. Der Begriff «Festung», die engen Begriff und bedeutet nicht, dass das Vorhandensein des ständigen Zivilbevölkerung. in der Regel wird in den folgenden Bedeutungen:
Ziel der Ausstellung ist es, die Aufmerksamkeit zu unserem bemerkenswerten Vergangenheit und Sie zu ermutigen, zur aktiven Teilnahme, die bei der Förderung, Beteiligung der wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten unserer Geschichte in der Kultur -, Bildungs-und Sightseeing-Umsatz.
Die dargestellten Fotos wurden von den Teilnehmern des Projektes auf dem Territorien Gebietes Rostow 2014 beim Besuch von historischen Sehenswürdigkeiten und hielt auf Sie Veranstaltungen, die die Ereignisse in der Vergangenheit. Auf dem Foto sind Perioden der Geschichte des Rostower Gebiets von der Steinzeit und der Bronzezeit, der Antike bis zur Gegenwart, einschließlich der Objekte im Zusammenhang mit der Periode des großen Vaterländischen Krieges.
Die Auswahl der Punkte für die Aufnahme und Bildausschnitts gemacht wurde, um so die Anwesenheit von modernen Anlagen für die Wahrnehmung von Landschaft-komplexen in Ihren historisch gebildeten Form. Um eine anschauliche Visualisierung versteckten Vegetation Konturen der Objekte der Fortifikation verwendet EDV-3D-Simulation. Für eine Reihe von Objekten wie Modell durchgeführt wurden zum ersten mal. Die Verwendung solcher Techniken erleichtern kann die nachfolgende Entwicklung der Projekte in hohem musealen Wert und historische Rekonstruktionen, Augmented Reality und "videomapping" (Projektion von bewegten Bildern auf den Oberflächen der realen Objekten).

"Don unknown" photo gallery

Riddles and mysteries Don fortresses

Historical club "1637"

Graphs, classification and evolution of objects

The don's fortress in battle

The history of arms

Dress rehearsal of the Northern capital was held at the don

Fortress, Rostov-on-don

Bottom-Gnilovskaya Gorodishche

Liventsovskaya substation fortress - "don Troy

A fragment of the panorama liventsovskaya substation walls of the fortress
A fragment of the panorama liventsovskaya substation walls of the fortress. Pictures taken during the period when he was removed vegetation.

Archaeological Park "don Troy (liventsovskaya substation archaeological complex and fortress) Presentation on the investment Committee of the Administration, Rostov-on-don

Kizierowski Gorodishche

Tourist and recreational cluster "Rostov West (Railway and the Soviet R-us, Rostov-on-don)

Virtual tours and quests: the Fortress of St. Dmitry of Rostov

Socially significant program "Center for historical and ethnographic reconstructions "don glory"


Tourist cluster "Kamienska grove"

The battles on the Lower don and the sea of Azov in the summer of 1942

Interactive tour
at memorial "Zmievskaya Balka

Photo exhibition "Rostov 1941-1942: time trials"

Exhibition "Reconstruction - animated story"

Exhibition-presentation of reconstructions of buildings, existing models of ancient war machines, costumes and equipment

Socially-oriented program "assistance in the preservation and promotion of the memorial complex "Kamienska grove website: http://mkkr.ru/, Leaflet, Booklet

Plain text version of the passport of the memorial complex "Kamienska grove"

Program objects "Fortress of the Lower don and Azov"

Liventsovskaya substation fortress Elizavetovskoe the city of Tanais Dry Culturisme mound bottomGnilovskaya settlement Temernik settlement Rostov settlement Catheterisable settlement Kobyakovskoy settlement Donetsk fortress Semikarakorsk fortress Tsimlyansk right Bank settlement of Azov Buttercup Old-Pavlovsk fortress Paul fortress Semenovskaya Trinity fortress fortress Turtle Ann fortress fortress Dmitry Aksay, Rostov fortress fortifications of the Crimean war fortifications of world war II Rostov defensive area Mius-Front

Catalogue of objects (in development)

Documents, photos and maps (in development)

Interactive map the entire width of the page

fortress Buttercup: plans, 3D models and videos

Security documents (passports, protected areas, etc).
Table objects. Card Rigelman.

From the list of program objects on 19.06.2014, obtained copies of security documents for the following objects:

Liventsovskaya substation fortress, Elizavetovskoe the settlement, Tanais, lower-Gnilovskaya the settlement, Temernik the settlement, Rostov settlement, Catheterisable the settlement, Kobyakovskoy the settlement, Donetsk city (fortress), Semikarakorsk the settlement, Azov, kreposti Buttercup, settlement Semenovskaya fortress, the fortress of Dmitry of Rostov.

Registration card of the monument "liventsovskaya substation fortress"

Registration card of the monument "Semenovskaya fortress"

Activities: lectures, seminars, round tables, conferences, exhibitions, presentations, info-tours, expeditions

(in development)

"Development of territories as a means of reproduction of historical memory". Materials of scientific-practical conference, Rostov-on-don on September 19, 2013)

Radical change in the great Patriotic war: the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the don and the North Caucasus: materials of International scientific conference, Rostov-on-don, 6-7 June 2013)/ resp. Ed. by Acad. GG Malishev. - Rostov n/D: Publishing house of RAS southern research center, 2013. S. 417.

"Water and other new risks". Popular lecture in the framework of the science Festival in the South of Russia 2013" Presentation.

Theses of the report "Integrated development of territories is the goal and the means of territorial development. Route Mius arrow". at the v international scientific-practical conference "the global world: multipolarity, crisis imperatives, institutions, 22-24 may 2014, Rostov-on-don, SFU

The materials for the seminar club "1637" District officers (July 2014)

Our films and radio programs

(in development)

2014 Radio Contr". The Program Navigator.

The cycle of the Fortress of the Lower don and Azov":

"Don Troy. The archaeological Park project."

"About "Fortress of the Lower don t Azov" - mp3

"Creating 3D models of fortresses in the Lower don and Azov sea region: problems, methods, and means of implementation" - mp3

"Expedition to the Mius Peninsula, part 1. Berlinska spit"

"Expedition to the Mius Peninsula 2 hours. Semenovskaya fortress"

"Expedition to the Mius Peninsula 3 hours. Castle Lacier."

"Expedition Semikarakorsk on the fortress."


Photo exhibition "Rostov 1941-1942: time trials"

Exhibition "Reconstruction - animated story"

"Don unknown" photo gallery

Photo exhibition of finds of 2013 in Tanais

Photo exhibition "the Road through the inhabited island" finds NP Arheologia 2012-2013 April 18, 2014 Rostov regional Museum of local lore

Photo exhibition of the artist Andrey Isakov the findings of archaeologists in Tanais - August 2014

Suggestions for tourists and travel agencies

Excursions along the Fortress of Rostov-on-don", "Famous commander A.V. Suvorov on the Lower don, "The fortress of the Lower don", "Fortress Mius Peninsula", "Fortress of the middle ages", "the Fortress of the Ancient world", "don Troy", "Rostov defensive district", "the Russo-Turkish war", "the sea of Azov in the Crimean war"

Proposals for joint media and PR projects

The initiators of the project are ready to consider proposals on the organization of joint PR activities

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets proposed to establish under the government Council for the development of youth tourism

Six special tourism routes for children will appear in Russia

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky initiated the creation of state of the scout movement with military-Patriotic bias, said in the Russian military historical society (RVIA), the Chairman of which is Medina.

Exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the First world war, Moscow, 3 July 2014

Terms Of Reference: Russia. To the most expected document of the decade

Culture 2.0. Part one. From the Palaces of culture to the malls, or Where we have led the consumer society

Culture 2.0. Part 2. From the malls to the Palaces of culture or of the coming cultural face of Russia

On amendments to the Federal law "On objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) of the peoples of the Russian Federation" (on the establishment features of the acquisition into ownership of land plots within the boundaries of the territories of cultural heritage sites, areas of protection of objects of cultural heritage)

"In Rostov almost no social and informative advertising", - head of Department of the Ministry of culture of Russia in the SFD and NCFD so-CALLED. Seledtsov.

The Governor of the Rostov region V.Y. Golubev: "cultural Development will be reflected in the investment message of the Governor"

The Governor of the Rostov region V.Y. Golubev: "the Concept of Patriotic education of the youth of the area should be prepared for the anniversary of the great Victory"

The foundations of the state cultural policy. The project.

The draft Federal law "On culture in the Russian Federation"

The concept of a new educational-methodical complex on national history. The project

For five years the Rostov region was visited by over a million tourists. By 2020 the industry will spend 215 million.

"Strategy of development of tourism in the Russian Federation for the period till 2020"

Conference "the Future of regional radio 9 June 2014, , Rostov-on-don

The concept of the formation of the architectural environment of the historic centre of Rostov-on-don. 19.07.2013

Well forgotten past: to the revival of the silk road and the changing global trade routes

The great silk road (short Chinese version in Russian)

Intermuseum 2014 - ...international Museum festival - June 3-9, 2014

The results of the competitions Intermuseum 2014

Report on the implementation of the programme of preparation for the 2018 world Cup football 2013

High-quality Video about iranscam castle Museum, King John's Castle

What will the tourist police?


(in development)

3D modeling. 3D photo and video.

Augmented reality. QR codes.

Creativity, humor, and emotional notes

Fortress 1

Fortress 2

Goa Gulf of Taganrog , Greek mansion and named after

"The lake school of poetry" (Tanais)

* Gennady Zhukov
* Vladimir Ershov
* Igor Bondarevsky
* Vitaly Kalashnikov
* Alexander Brunico
* Anwar Ismagilov

Art-group "Rich well"

* Sergey Makhankov represents settlements of the ancient period-on-don, Scythians, Sarmatians and the first apostles.
* Andrey Isakov previously worked in the Rostov regional Museum of local lore. His work tells us about the findings of archaeologists.
 * Anatoly Kovalev works genere lubok and don depicts the everyday life of the Cossacks, and landscape painting.


* Vladimir Ershov creates amphorae, lamps, Cossack tube.

Update website on October 29, 2014 see below and the links:   - 1 -   - 2 -   - 3 -

Upcoming events:

Seminar "Rostov defensive perimeter and its historical predecessors. Fortifications in the battles on the Lower don and the sea of Azov during the Great Patriotic war. Date: November 2014

Past events:

Our website is a participant in the competition for the best it project of the don in the nomination "Best it project in the social sphere". The project presentation was be held on October 21, 2014 in the IT Park of the Rostov region (Rostov-on-don, Str. Suvorov, 91, 7th floor)

Фотовыставка «Крепости Нижнего Дона и Приазовья» -  начала работу 16 октября 2014 г.  в ДГПБ (Ростов-на-Дону).

Photo exhibition "the Fortress of the Lower don and Azov" - began work on October 16, 2014 Venue: DSPL, Rostov-on-don, Pushkinskaya street, a, the foyer of the cinema.

Стенд общественно значимой программы РОО СИКН ВООПИиК «Крепости Нижнего Дона и Приазовья» - историко-образовательные путешествия по памятникам оборонительного зодчества». Пятый Фестиваль науки Юга России.  10 октября 2014 г.
A series of interactive seminars-presentations of the results of the implementation of socially important programs  "Fortress of the Lower don and Azov" - historical and educational tour the monuments of defensive architecture". The fifth science Festival in the South of Russia. Address of the venue: exhibition center "VertolExpo", Rostov-on-don, Ave M. Nagibina, 30, module No. 46. Date: 10-11 October 2014.

22.09.2014 г. в рамках форума молодежи юга России «Ростов 2014 - Твой Мир в движении!» (лагерь «Спутник», Неклиновский р-н Ростовской области, 19-24 сентября 2014 г.) презентация молодежной инновационной площадки "Молодые ученые Дона"

22.09.2014, within the change of "Patriots" youth forum of the South of Russia Rostov 2014 - Your World in motion!" (the camp "Sputnik", Neklinovskiy Mr. Rostov region, September 19-24, 2014) seminar on topics of public interest programs the Monuments "Fortress of the Lower don and Azov" - historical and educational tour the monuments of defensive architecture", supported by the Government of the Rostov region. Also presentations of the youth innovation platform "Young scientists don" under shifts "Science and innovation" and "Sport".

21.09.2014, Presentation of the "Art of the streets. Rostov Street-Art" was held in Rostov regional Museum of fine arts, on the occasion of 265 anniversary of Rostov-on-don. Visitors could get acquainted with the history and development of one of the most controversial art - street art.

20 сентября 2014 г.  в археологическом музее-заповеднике «Танаис» прошел театрализованный праздник «День Танаиса». Стенд «Крепости  Нижнего Дона и Приазовья»,

September 20, 2014 at the archaeological Museum-reserve "Tanais" was dramatized Day Tanais". Within the framework of its activities was presented to the stand of "the Fortress of the Lower don and the sea of Azov region, including a large map of the objects, pictures and plans. For holiday guests and media representatives organized a workshop, which is analyzed in detail the features of the fortification of the objects and their history.  The event was held within the framework of socially significant programs of the "Fortress of the Lower don and Azov" - historical and educational tour the monuments of defensive architecture", supported by the Government of the Rostov region.

September 18-19, 2014 in SSC RAS (Rostov-on-don, etc Chekhov, 41) held an international scientific conference "the Cossacks and the highlanders in the First world war: new approaches and information support of research on which the report was made N.G. Sudorgina "Photography as a source of information about everyday life on the eve of the First world war: students Novocherkassk gymnasium in the summer trip to the North-West of the Russian Empire". In this album there are pictures of the castles of North-West Russia, made in the summer of 1914
17 September 2014 on the basis of the "Rostov regional Museum of fine arts, Rostov-on-don, Russia, UAE, 60) hosted the 2nd scientific and practical conference "Prospects of turning the territories of the fortresses of the Lower don and Azov"

31 августа 2014 г. прошла презентация событийного мероприятия "Донская Троя".

August 31, 2014 presentation of events "Don Troy". Venue: Liventsovskaya fortress (17th century BC), Rostov-on-don.

02.08.2014, X all-Russian festival of military-historical clubs,Rostov region, dedicated to the siege of Azov to the seat of the don Cossacks of 1641. , Azov, Rostov region. Azov historical-archaeological and paleontological Museum-reserve (territory Alexis governa).

02.08.2014 г. X Всероссийский фестиваль военно-исторических клубов, посвященный Азовскому осадному сидению донских казаков 1641 года. г. Азов, Ростовская область. Азовский историко-археологический и палеонтологический музей-заповедник (территория Алексеевского гонверка).


Seminars: "the Fortress of the Lower don and Azov: history, geography and fortification"
Seminar "Rostov defensive perimeter
and its historical predecessors. Fortifications in the battles on the Lower don and the sea of Azov during the great Patriotic war.
Date: November 2014

"Don Troy. The kite festival. Date: Nov. 2014

"Scenes from the life of the lower-Gnilovskaya settlement - historical-ethnographic festival date: Nov. 2014

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